Lots of discomfort and mucus plug blood!

By the time I was about 35 and a half weeks I started to get bad discomfort like cramp pain in my abdomen which because I had never gone through before I thought was labour pains even tho my waters hadn’t broke 🙄 I know silly of me but I wasn’t sure why I was in pain. Long story story I went to Middlesbrough hospital and had to be kept in just to keep an eye on me I wasn’t going in to labour and in the end I went home I was getting pain and discomfort from the way Riley was laid he kept putting pressure on a nerve which gave me pain.

A few weeks after that happened I think I was 38 weeks I went to the toilet ( I know tmi) and when I wiped there was mucus and blood to which I panicked again and after going back to James cook hospital they told me it was just my mucus plug something that comes off a few weeks before you go into labour.

So we had a few scares in them weeks but being pregnant for the first time was completely normal to panic and not long after I would be giving birth.

20 week scan and finding out the sex of our baby! 👶🏼😁

By this point I was starting to feel my ( big) baby crumpet moving about a lot more which was the most weirdest feeling ever, it felt like the iconic scene out of Alien where the alien busts out the guys stomach.

One of the most weirdest experiences with pregnancy at first of course after I was used to the feeling it was the most am amazing moment ever, anyway on the 20th January 2018 I went for my 20 week scan at Northallerton hospital with aidan of course … I was so excited 😁 then we got called in the midwife put some jelly stuff on my belly and there he was my a lot more bigger baby she then asked if we wanted to know the sex ( which we did).

I swear on my life these were her words exactly she said ‘ yep he’s definitely a boy there’s his little willy’ definitely something I’ll remember, everyone was chuffed that we were having a boy I didn’t mind what sex he was as long he was fit and healthy which he was.

Now that we knew what sex out baby was we could start getting clothes and vest that were boys I wouldn’t have anymore more scans now the next time I would go to hospital would be to give birth …. or was it?!

Pregnant at Christmas and New Years!🤢

At this point you could tell that I actually was pregnant and it was becoming more and more real I spent Christmas with aidan at his dads with all his family.

It was a great day until it was time to eat I think I got through about half a plate before feeling like I was gonna be sick everywhere, never a nice experience but guess that’s the unpleasant side of being pregnant.

New Years Eve

Aidan came round my for New Years and ended up spending it at my gran and grandads with my dad ( side note: my mum and dad are separated) it was great. Nothing better than seeing the new year in with a cup of tea, biscuits, cake and mince pies with family.

The only downside to the end of the night was when we got home I ended up being sick in the kitchen sink, still remember it now ( baby bell and tea mixed together 🤢) all in all I had a great Christmas and New Years.

12 week scan! 😬

Once I’d got everything sorted ( speaking to a midwife and hospital) I got a letter on the 13th November 2017 for a 12 week scan because neither me or aidan could drive we had Aidan’s dad take us down for my scan which was really nice of him.

I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect since I’d never gone for a scan before and basically I’d had the only way I can explain it as is ‘jelly’ on my belly and moved the ‘scanner’ (not sure the correct term) across my belly, and there he was what I liked to call my little bean! 😍

It was the most amazing thing ever I couldn’t believe it, that little bean was my little baby that for the past weeks had been giving me morning (and afternoon) sickness, it was one of those moments you never forget!

It really hit home how real it was all becoming the second I saw this scan and I think it was the same for both our family’s.

The beginning: finding out I was pregnant!

Where to start the most nerve racking day ever sitting there in Tesco toilets not daring to look at the pregnancy test 3 minutes went by and I couldn’t be anymore nervous than I was and there it was 2 lines and a plus… I couldn’t believe my eyes I was more shocked than anything at that moment. I instantly went to aidan and showed him the pregnancy test at first he didn’t quiet understand what it meant but once I explain to him what it did mean a massive smile just appeared on his face and he kissed me! I think he was the most excited at the time me I was more worried I couldn’t believe I was pregnant and gonna have a baby, the next nerve racking thing we both had to do was tell our parents the news… my mum took it pretty well she said “what? Are you really? Congratulations” even my dad he took amazingly well unfortunately for Aidan’s dad he was a little be less understanding which I understand now it was a great shock to everyone but now Riley’s the best amazing little baby that everyone loves and cares about.

I wouldn’t Change him for the world he’s my baby boy!